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Kind of Kin by Rilla Askew


9780062198792_p0_v1_s260x420Set in Oklahoma this novel tackles a number of important contemporary issues in America.  Georgia Ann Kirkendall has a number of troubles on her mind and the recent arrest of her father Robert John Brown has become front and center.  He was arrested under a new Oklahoma state law for the felony crime of “transporting, harboring, concealing, and sheltering undocumented aliens in furtherance of their illegal presence in the state of Oklahoma”.  Brown does not attempt to fight the charges, but instead embraces it because he believes it is his Christian duty to help others.  The local sheriff isn’t interested in a justification of “doing one’s Christian duty” and begins to rail against criminals like Brown; a State Representative is looking to make political hay by sponsoring a get tough on illegal aliens crime bill and sees her political ambitions going up in smoke if sympathy builds too much for Brown.  This timely novel weaves together many issues at the forefront today: religion, immigration, the economy and what all of those can do to family.

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