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Finding Chandra by Scott Higham & Sari Horwitz


The story of the disappearance of the Washington DC intern Chandra Levy dominated national headlines the summer of 2001 until the events of 9/11 pushed it out of the spotlight.  It had all the aspects of a major scandal as it quickly came out that the missing intern was having an affair with her married boss, Congressman Gary Condit.  However, that avenue turned up a dead-end.  Even years after she had disappeared from the headlines, Levy’s family continued to search for answers.  The authors of this book, reporters for the Washington Post, took another look at the case.  They quickly found mistakes in the early investigation and the efforts to pin the crime on Condit.  Another suspect soon emerged, one already in prison for assault crimes against women committed around the time of Levy’s disappearance.  Renewed efforts led to police charging the later suspect, with the trial currently happening.  An excellent true crime work.

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