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Unholy Awakening by Michael Gregorio


Vampires are everywhere in the literature these days, but what separates Michael Gregorio’s novel from the other vampire books is the lacking of an actual vampire character.   Set in Prussia during time of Napoleon’s rule of much of Europe, this is a time where the new methods of science and age old haunts of superstition have arrived at the crossroads.  In a Prussian town decimated by death brought by the plague lives magistrate Hanno Stiffeniis, who is called to forget his own personal loss and investigate the death of a young woman found at the bottom of a well–dead from bleeding to death out of two circular wounds in her neck.  The suspicious town people quickly conclude she was done in by a vampire and the young woman herself will soon return from the dead to claim them.  Stiffeniis, however, isn’t satisfied with that conclusion and instead uses logic to conduct his investigation which soon leads him to the beautiful, yet odd, employer of the dead girl.  A wonderful period read with a nice mystery to top it off.

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