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Voyager by Stephen Pyne


For the past 500 years the Western world has been obsessed with exploration.  There was Prince Henry the Navigator, Christopher Columbus, Ferdinand Magellan, James Cook, and Lewis & Clark just to name a few of the hundreds of explores who set out to discover new worlds.  In this tradition came the great boom of space exploration in the late 20th Century.  It is the two Voyager spacecraft missions that are the focus of this book.  Launched in 1977 to visit the 4 outermost planets in our solar system, the Voyagers provided Earth with the very first images of Jupiter and Saturn.  Their mission is ongoing to this day as they are to become the first man-made objects to voyage outside of our solar system.  Pyne looks at the Voyager missions in context of all those past great exploration missions making this a fascinating book for history buffs and space fanatics alike.

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