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Instruments of Darkness by Robert Wilson


While this is a new book to us, Instruments of Darkness was first published 15 years ago.  It is the first novel by one of my all time favorite authors, Robert Wilson. It is the first in a 4 book series set in the West African region known as “White Man’s Grave”.  The main character, Bruce Medway,  is an expat working as a debt collector and “fixer” for the many traders of the area.  In the course of his job he runs across many undesirable characters engaged in corruption, voodoo, smuggling, and violence.  In this installment, he ends up on the wrong side of a very powerful and ruthless trader/smuggler over a bedsheet of money and a shipment of rice.  He is also trying to figure out why a British expat would just disappear without a trace–and it very quickly becomes apparent that very powerful people don’t want that mystery solved.  This book and series has it all: a flawed hero, lots of action, sordid characters, and a colorfully described foreign setting.


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