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Four Fish by Paul Greenberg


When you stop and think about it almost everything we eat is gathered from some sort of agriculture.  Just a drive around the country side of Iowa show the feed lots that produce our pork and beef, the chicken coops that are home to our morning eggs, the rows and rows of corn make it obvious where our…well corn comes from.  Out of all the things that we humans eat on a large-scale very few of them are hunted or gathered from the wild–except the four fish that are featured in this book by Paul Greenberg.  Thirty years ago salmon, sea bass, cod and tuna, all mainstays in the diet of many people across the country and globe, were all caught wild from the world’s oceans.  Today, thanks to depleted wild stocks due to overfishing and an amazing leap in fish farming technology only about half of the fish we eat is wild caught.  Greenberg shows us the history of these fish, how we got from a seemingly unlimited ocean full of fish to needing megafarms that produce millions of pounds of salmon a year.  He also asks the question why should we care about maintaining wild stocks of these fish when we can just produce our own?  This is a great read for anyone with a curiosity of where our food comes from or who has a taste for seafood.


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