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Envy the Night by Michael Koryta


Michael Koryta is still fairly new to the fiction thriller scene, but he is quickly making a name for himself as one of the premier voices of the genre.  Most of his success has come from a series featuring his character Lincoln Perry (so far with four books), but he also has several stand alone novels, such as Envy The Night.  Still struggling with the revelation that his dead-by-suicide father lived a double life as a U.S. Marshall and contract killer, Frank Temple III learns that the man who ratted out his father’s darker side is to be released from prison and return to a remote Wisconsin lake cabin.  With revenge heavy on his mind, Frank heads north to wait.  However, when he arrives Frank finds that the cabin is already occupied by an odd couple and that two other assassins are on their way.  Sure that his man can’t be far behind, Frank digs in.  What follows will take readers on a thrilling and twisting ride through Koryta’s finely crafted plot.  And good news…if you love this book we own all of Michael Koryta’s other books.


From → Fiction, Thriller

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